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Rekordy żony spotykają się z nieznajomym hubką

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Opublikowano przez gufuth
10 dni temu
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Yeah RIGHT !!!!!........you go and fuck up a good movie with a very horny little chic by pulling yourself to blow over her tits...its like something you do with ya missus every now and then .....BUT when yer fucking a nymph all you would want to do is full her cunt with cum FFS...what seemed like a genuine hidden cam fuck looks like it was a professional shoot....sorry guys !!!!!
3 dni temu
Yeah this guy needs to shut the fuck up and fuck her. I do however like the real amateur and unfortunately sometimes it is like this, so it is nice that it's real.
5 dni temu
Like how they record the entire session...from warming up to fucking to cumming; not just fucking. Her wetness in the beginning reminds me of my wife when her flood gates open. Her sloshing sound is such a turn on for me as my cock thrusts in and out. Only caveat I would’ve done is a lot of deep kissing and spending a lot of time licking and sucking her pussy. Good job you two!!!
7 dni temu
so good
8 dni temu
who talks so much when there is fucking to be done
8 dni temu